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Four Seasons - and Wood Bathroom Vanities

Four Seasons luxury Italian bathroom vanity shown in 70.9″ ebony wood base with top in black glass. Washbasin shown in Diamond ceramic platinum. Four Seasons primary materials are converted to unique surfaces, enhanced by the quality in workmanship, where craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. Top finish options: 27 glossy glass, 9 marbles, onyx and ceramic. Base finish options: 27 high glossy lacquers, 8 matt veneers, ebony and Macassar ebony glossy veneers, 6 leather materials and 3 metals. Wash basin options: sit-on, above counter and semi-recessed. Internal finish options: wenge or lacquered wood. Modular base widths: 14.1”, 21.3”, 28.3”, 35.4”, 42.5”, 49.6”. Modular base depth: 21.9”. Modular base height: 13.9”, 27.1”. Opening options: octagonal glossy steel, black chrome and gold steel handles. Mirrors available in 4mm glossy steel or chrome. Mirror is set to always match the vanity top. Optional accessories: chandeliers, wall lamps and wall panels. Made in Italy.

Four Seasons



Technical specifications

Bathroom Vanities
W28.35in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W72.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W24.61in x H6.1in x D14.37in
W62.50cm x H15.50cm x D36.50cm
W56.69in x H43.31in x D2.56in
W144.00cm x H110.00cm x D6.50cm
W35.43in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W90.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W56.69in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W144.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W42.52in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W108.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W63.78in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W162.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W70.87in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W180.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W85.04in x H13.94in x D21.85in
W216.00cm x H35.40cm x D55.50cm
W85.04in x H1.18in x D21.85in
W216.00cm x H3.00cm x D55.50cm
Ebony Wood


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